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Alt Break

UCI Alternative Break Program 

  • An alternative break program places teams of college students in communities to engage in community service and experiential learning during their winter or spring break.

  • Students perform short term projects for community agencies and learn about issues such as literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness and the environment.

  • The objectives of an alternative break program are to involve college students in community-based service projects and to give students opportunities to learn about the problems faced by members of communities with whom they otherwise may have had little or no direct contact.

  • The intensity of the experience increases the likelihood that participants will transfer the lessons learned on-site back to their own communities even after the alternative break end.

Alternative Break Program Values
 - Service
 - Social Justice
 - Community Building
 - Leadership

Applications for Alternative Winter Break has passed. Please check back for information regarding Alternative Spring Break 2019.

Alternative Break Site Leaders & Descriptions 2018


Site Leader: Jacqui Garcia

Environmental Justice In Urban Communities

This trip will focus on the environmental injustices that low-income, people of color face in the urban communities of Los Angeles. This particular population of individuals is exposed to greater health risks due to lack of green spaces, healthy food options, and sustainable modes of transportation in the city. They are disproportionately affected by their urban environment and face hardships that come from spatial inequalities. We will learn more about the importance community gardens, recreational space, and other green spaces in an urban environment as well as how sustainability is a necessity in order to achieve urban equality.  

Site Leader: Jacqui Garcia


Site Leader: Wendy Enrriquez

Hunger and Homelessness

The Hunger and Homelessness Alternative Break Site will focus on service to the homeless population of the downtown Los Angeles area. There are generalizations about people who are homeless, which casts away questions about the true causes, and possible solutions struggles faced by the population.Our itinerary will revolve around community based service to help give immediate assistance as well as learning more about the intersectionality of homelessness, social determinants, and how we, as students, can become engaged in this social justice cause. The goal is to make an impact on the homeless community, educate ourselves on the issue and take a step back from our reality in order to see theirs.

Site Leaders: Wendy Enrriquez

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